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What information is contained in Syndica Logs?

Logs are a way of segmenting and analyzing data on the Syndica RPC network.

After deploying your app on the Syndica RPC Network and defining your Stacks and API Keys, the Syndica Logging platform becomes a powerful tool for analyzing application performance. Your engineers can filter and drill down to very detailed time slices (milliseconds) of logging data to gain ultimate visibility and observability of the running application.

Example RPC log
Example RPC log

Syndica allows extensive filtering and searching of your RPC logs

You can search by the following attributes

  • IP Address (for example:
  • RPC Method
  • Response Status Code (for example: 200, 401, 403)
  • Request Type (RPC or WebSocket)
  • Request Origin
  • API Key
  • Country
  • Mobile vs Desktop
All of the filters you can apply to logs
All of the filters you can apply to logs

To quickly find log records for a given timeframe. Select the date/time range from the calendar control to the right of the logs listing.


You can specify a range of dates with the calendar control Additionally: specify a time range in the format of HH:MM:SS:MS

Date filter for RPC logs
Date filter for RPC logs