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What is a Stack?

A Stack is the highest level of organization and separation of data on the Syndica platform. You can use Stacks to represent separate DApps or services within a DApp, it's up to you. They allow flexibility to separate your infrastructure resources, API credentials, and analytics in a way that fits your organization.

All resources used within a Stack (like Elastic Nodes, Apps, and Analytics) are exclusive to the Stack and tracked together within the Syndica platform.


Standard Mode users are allotted one (1) stack, and Scale Mode users can have up to 10 stacks (the first 3 stacks are free, after that, it's $25 per additional stack). If you're a Standard Mode user and need more stacks, upgrading to Scale Mode is easy and can be done from the platform. You can get more information on our pricing here

Create a New Stack

When you sign up for Syndica, we automatically create a stack to help get you started quickly. But as your needs grow, you might find it worthwhile to separate concerns into a new stack.

If you're a Scale Mode user and want to create another stack, you can do this simply by navigating to the Manage Section by clicking the gear icon in the navigation bar and following the steps below.

Gear icon
Gear icon

Step 1

Click on Stacks in the menu on the left side. This will bring you to the Stacks overview page, where you can manage all the stacks in your account.

Manage stack overview page
Manage stack overview page

Step 2

Click the Add Stack button in the top right corner to go to the Create Stack Wizard. Enter the stack's name (must be unique), a brief description, and optionally, specify any Tags that will be tracked for any activity within this Stack. Tags can segment and analyze usage and performance data within the analytics dashboard.

Step 3

Click Next to review the Stack details. If you're satisfied, click Create Stack to finish creating your stack.

You can easily navigate between your stacks from the stack selector in the navigation bar.

Stack selector
Stack selector

Archive a Stack

From the Stack overview page in the Manage section, clicking Archive on any Stack cards will take you to the Archive stack wizard to guide you through archiving your stack.


Read any warning notes before proceeding as this step is irreversible.

When archiving a stack, make sure to read any warnings.
When archiving a stack, make sure to read any warnings.