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Why Syndica

Utilize the powerful tools that Syndica offers for your blockchain development.

Need RPC Nodes?

As a baseline service, we offer industry-leading, scalable, geo-located RPC Node infrastructure as a service. These nodes are lightning-fast, load-balanced across the world, and intelligently route traffic across the network to maintain the best uptime and reliability.

Create an account and you can be up and running on our platform in minutes.

See our Getting Started Guide for a step-by-step guide to getting your DApp connected to Syndica's RPC infrastructure.

Solana DApp Developers

Whether you're a single developer DApp project or working with the largest team in the ecosystem, Syndica will be able to radically help you accelerate and iterate on your software development process.

If you're planning to build and deploy a DApp on the Solana ecosystem, you'll need to perform testing and monitor your DApp's performance. This can be difficult to do on a decentralized network. Prototype your DApp with our developer tooling which allows you to see every call made, call performance, response code, status and much more. By having these insights into your DApp, you're able to track down issues in minutes not hours.


Solana server nodes are not easy to stand up. Let us help you do what you're good at - which is building a killer DApp on Solana.

Syndica Stack Home

Below is the Stack homepage. When you log in, you'll see your default stack. If you need to change stacks, you can do so from the Stack Selector in the navigation bar.

Here, you'll see the top-level information for your Stack:

  • Network Status: Quickly check to see that the Solana network is fully operational
  • Stack overview: A glance at some key stats of your stack
  • RPC Requests: See your DApps RPC requests over the past 7 days.
  • Billing: Get a breakdown of spend by resource.

DApp Logs with Syndica

After deploying your DApp on the Syndica RPC Network and defining your Stacks and API keys, the Syndica Logging platform becomes a powerful tool for analyzing application performance. Your engineers will be able to filter and drill down to very detailed time slices (milliseconds) of logging data to gain ultimate visibility and observability of the running application.

DApp Analytics with Syndica

Once running on the Syndica platform, you'll gain access to our Analytics tools to track the audience using your DApp. Gain insights like comparisons between mobile vs desktop usage, heat maps of user origin, breakdown of RPC Requests, and cohort analysis using our unique user key technology.